we are open 24 hours

Yes, we are open 24 hours. We do certainly get most phone calls and emails during the day, but if you are calling about an urgent translation or interpreting assignment (one needed in 24 hours or less), we will take your call and create quotes for you during the early morning hours, weekends and holidays included.

If you have an overnight request and it is past business hours, it is best if you pick up the phone and call us to speak with a scheduling manager on duty.

It is not recommended that you wait until the last minute to schedule an interpreter. Depending on the language we may not be able to find an available certified interpreter. Even though we are open 24 hours and we are well know for being able to cover last-minute assignments, it is always good to plan ahead of time. Zoom assignments may be covered faster, while on-site assignments may take longer since you have to take into consideration the time it will take the interpreter to get to the location.

The same applies for document translations. Longer documents require a certain time to complete the translation, editing and proofreading process. If you plan ahead you may avoid having to pay rush fees or even missing filing deadlines altogether.