We do not charge extra. Your translation’s “Certificate of Accuracy” is included free of charge. Every certificate is notarized, scanned and sent via email and physically delivered to the address of your choosing.

Other companies may charge you extra for

1) issuing the certificate

2) notarizing it


3) mailing it

They may charge these fees because most of the work they do is not legal. Non-legal documents do not need to have all these things, so companies that are mainly engaged in marketing and website localization, and business translations in general, are not really used to doing legal translations.

We, on the other hand, ONLY do legal translations and documents that are going to be filed either in the courts or with USCIS. Hence, all our translation carry a “certification” you can use to file it with the courts. As an additional measure, we exceed USCIS requirements by adding the optional notarization.

Beware of companies charging hidden fees for the certification, they may offer cheaper rates per word, but you may end up paying more at the end of the day for the certification, notarization and delivery. All our translations are guaranteed to be accurate or we will make any corrections free of charge.

Sample Certificate of Accuracy:

we do not charge for this certificate of accuracy