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We make scheduling of court interpreters easy. Get court interpreters for depositions, hearings, examinations, and other legal proceedings. Talk to our help desk anytime day or night. Florida statutes require that participants in court proceedings with limited English proficiency be provided with spoken language court interpreters. We can get you not only court-certified Spanish interpreters but interpreters in any language. They can go in person or appear via Zoom.

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Or email us the notice of hearing or deposition and receive confirmation in a matter of minutes.

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We can provide you with interpreting services for cases heard in U.S. courts and state courts or throughout insurance claim investigations such as examinations under oath, depositions, mediations, and medical examinations. The interpreters we provide have gone through interpreter training, are experts in their given languages, and are certified or qualified to interpret in court, whether it be a trial or any civil or criminal proceeding in the United States. If your client is not comfortable in the English language, they are considered to be Limited English Proficient (L.E.P.) and would need interpretation.

+200 languages
not just the easy ones.

We save you time by handling the logistics of scheduling interpreters in any language, even those of lesser diffusion. Not just Spanish interpreters. Whether you speak one or seven languages, we are here to help you get your point across. For discovery or confidential client meetings, from Spanish to Vietnamese, from Arabic to Mayan Dialects. We have a translator for that!® We’ve heard it all, and we speak it all!

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the language of your world

What are the different service types?


on-site interpreter

In the case of in-person assignments, we cover the entire State of Florida. We have State and Federal Court certified interpreters as well as qualified linguists in languages for which certification is not offered. We do all types of civil and criminal proceedings.


video remote interpreting

Zoom, Webex, Microsoft Teams, GoToMeeting, Google Meet, we can handle any platform. Schedule any one of our hundreds of interpreters in over 200 languages, including sign language interpreters, with the added convenience of remote attendance.

looking for an expert witness?

the language of your world®

Not only must a translator interpret words from one language into another, but the interpreter must understand basic legal concepts and judicial procedures. These are hard enough for lay people to understand but they must now be conveyed in a foreign language. If legal jargon is your language. Then… we speak the language of your world.® Our clients include law firms large and small, US courts, US attorneys and public defenders, local governments, insurance carriers, and even television networks.

Any language, anywhere in florida

Do you need a Spanish interpreter for a hearing in person at your office or maybe in a courtroom in Orlando? Maybe you need a Creole interpreter to appear via Zoom? Unsure of whether you need someone with court interpreter certification? Do all languages offer certification? Do you need a State or Federal Court interpreter? Regardless of the case, our scheduling experts will help you find the best linguist for your language pair and venue. We are just a quick call away day or night.