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let us translate your document to be filed with the courts. Regardless of the source language.

With thousands of certified translators and qualified editors, no language is too difficult. Your project manager will oversee the multi-step process necessary for a professional, expert translation. From the more frequent languages, such as: Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Italian, German and Arabic, to the hundreds of languages of lesser diffusion. Legal, medical and accounting terminology experts are waiting to deliver outstanding quality and fast turnaround for your time sensitive documents.

we are the exhibit experts.

Discovery exhibit translation is what we do. From the proper court-approved and preferred formats to subject-matter expert linguists. Our entire system has been designed to facilitate speedy, accurate and complete translations. These translations maintain all the nuances of the original language, medical, financial and legal jargon is conveyed in the U.S. judicial system equivalent.

every translation is certified.

Every one of our translations comes with a notarized Certificate of Accuracy that can be filed with the courts. Every page is also identified as a certified translation. This notarized certificate along with the proper document format is why our translations are regularly admitted in state and federal courts.

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What goes into every translation


Editing and Proofreading is included.

Once the first draft of the translation is completed, your project manager sends the document to an expert editor. The editor reads the source and target texts as he/she makes changes to improve accuracy and completeness and maintain the register and nuances of the source language text. The editor is also a subject matter expert that ensures the proper terminology is used in the target language. Native target language speakers are preferred for this stage of the process.


ISO 17100:2015 Translation Process Standards

We follow the translation standards set by The International Organization for Standardization. Every translator must meet certain qualifications and at least two linguists must review and approve each translation before it is certified.


Notarized Certificate of Accuracy with every translation.

Aside from having the proper format, your translation is accompanied by a NOTARIZED Certificate of Accuracy that can be filed with the courts. Federal, state and immigration courts regularly admit our translations and transcriptions as part of their proceedings.


Electronic and physical delivery

All translations are delivered electronically and by priority mail. The hard copy and certificate with original signatures is sent via USPS priority mail with tracking and is included with every project.


Quick turnaround

Your project manager, with the aid of specialized software, oversees the process of: translation, editing, proofreading, formatting, notarization and shipping. The software aids in doing this quickly and error-free. Rush service is also available.

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Did you know we provide expert witnesses on linguistic matters?