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Call us for a free consultation. Upon review of your case documentation and/or audio, our experts may be able to detect key problems in prior translations done by other parties and prepare new translations and reports as to the accuracy of translated documents or audiovisuals. The nuances of idiomatic expressions across regions and dialects as well as the cultural significance of the interactions may play a part in determining the facts of a case.

An expert witness may sometimes be necessary to testify as to the accuracy of exhibits filed by you if opposing counsel objects to the content. Though rare, this happens when the translation is particularly damaging to the other party. In these cases the certificate of accuracy of our translations may not be sufficient and we can have one of our expert linguists help. 

A cultural expert, on the other hand, may not necessarily be a linguist, but the cultural expert can be very useful in clarifying facts, behaviors and words that may be misconstrued by the courts.




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Our experts have testified in state and federal court. Often, one of the parties will overly emphasize one word or phrase, out of context. But what if the phrase wasn’t even uttered and was just a bad translation. The opposite can also be true, clear, incriminating or exculpatory evidence completely missed by translators. Call us for a free consultation..

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Opening in 2009, Legal Translations was founded by a federal court certified interpreter. Since then, the company has grown serving hundreds of clients both nationally and internationally. Jose has served as an expert witness and is just one of the experts we have at your disposal.

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