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Terms and Conditions :

Terms of service

Use of our services constitutes an agreement between us: Vega Interpreters, Inc. d/b/a Legal Translations, Inc. (hereinafter Legal Translations, Inc.) and You, the CLIENT (the law firm or scheduling party), and no third party. If you would prefer to have a third party, such as the law firm’s client, be liable for payment then please cancel with us now and have the party contact us directly.

You agree that you have read, and are bound by, the terms and conditions posted on our website. Including terms on late cancellations and default. These terms and conditions are negotiable; however, any variation must be approved in writing by the President of Legal Translations, Inc.

Autodebit Authorization

Some clients are required to have a valid credit/debit card or bank account details on file for automatic debit of any amounts due. These amounts may be pre-paid and balances calculated at the conclusion of the assignment.
Other assignments will not be prepaid and you will be required to pay the full amount upon assignment completion or upon the due date of the invoice, whichever is later.
In either case, you agree not to dispute any credit/debit card or ACH debit transaction in payment for services or late cancellations and that you are duly authorized to use said payment methods.

Limitation of liability

The CLIENT agrees to limit Legal Translations’ liability arising from Legal Translations’ professional acts, errors or omissions such that the total liability of Legal Translations, Inc. shall not exceed Legal Translations’ total fees for the services rendered on the project.

The CLIENT agrees that the work performed by Legal Translations, Inc. shall be considered expert testimony and if admitted, as in-court statements, and as such the CLIENT agrees that Legal Translations, Inc. shall be protected by expert witness immunity.


Upon any default by YOU, the CLIENT, with respect to payment, the CLIENT shall be liable for all indirect and consequential damages, including, but not limited to, all costs of collection, including reasonable attorney’s fees whether a suit is filed or not and court costs, if any, plus interest on the amounts due at the highest lawful rate.

This contract is governed by the laws of the State of Florida and any dispute shall be resolved by the courts of Miami-Dade County, Florida.


Rates may vary from those posted on our site. In those cases, the rate shall be the rate established prior to the assignment taking place.

Cancellation policy

If you are canceling a document translation, you will be billed based on the number of words translated up to that moment in the first stage of the process. The minimum fee for the language combination will apply.

Attachments cannot exceed a total of 25MB in size