Audio & video

transcription & translation

get body-cams, phone calls and interrogation videos into evidence

All in a court-approved format with speaker identification. If a foreign language is spoken, a two-column format is used to compare the original language and the English certified translation.

Certified transcripts

 A transcriber’s certification is included with every exhibit. Texts are edited and proofread before being delivered. Careful attention is placed on each each and every word and each file is listened to multiple times to ensure accuracy. Time-stamping can be included if requested. 

“We speak the language of your world”

We speak exhibit transcription.

Quick turnaround and side-by-side

Transcriptions are notoriously difficult and time-consuming, but you have come to the right place. Our expert team can have your English-only transcription or your transcription & translation, in the proper court-approved format ready in very little time. In the case of depositions and sworn statements, a cover sheet is provided with the appearances, followed by the question and answer format with page and line numbers. We accept rush assignments and all types of audio qualities.