Who am I?

Legal Translations is owned and operated by me, Jose Vega. I am a certified federal court interpreter.

In 2009, and after 4 years of working for one of the most prestigious translation and interpreting agencies of the time and interpreting on a nationally broadcast TV show, I decided to open up my own shop and open the doors, as well as my arms and heart, to the wonderful and exciting South Florida legal community.

As a result, whether it was throughout the hundreds of homeowner’s claims from our hurricanes, or the thousands of automobile insurance claims and all sorts of commercial litigation, family law cases as well as immigration cases, this continues to be an adventure that we now invite you to partake in with us.

+1000 Law Firms +18 Years Of Experience

Court Certified, Legal Focus
 Legal focus

Legal Translations was founded by a federal court certified interpreter. Since then, the company has grown to serve hundreds of clients both nationally and internationally. At its core is the commitment to exceed clients’ expectations by providing you with the best quality translation, interpretation, transcription and expert witness service.

Who we serve

We have been hired by hundreds of local law firms and most insurance carriers. We have worked for the US courts, US attorneys offices from several federal districts, US public defenders, state public defenders, local governments, private entities and even television networks.

What sets us apart

We’ve proudly served over 1000 law firms nationally and internationally. Above all, our team is composed of subject-matter experts. These court certified or qualified linguists provide you with the specialized, expert linguistic knowledge that is required in the legal industry.


If legal jargon is your language. Then… we speak the language of your world.® Our clients include law firms large and small, state and federal prosecutors and public defenders, to name a few.


Hundreds of interpreters in +200 languages. Using Zoom, Google Meet, WebEx or any other platform of your choice, we connect you with a qualified court interpreter. 


In-person court interpreters.
Many hearings and immigration interviews require the parties to be physically present. We can handle on-site assignments in Florida and nationwide.


Get recordings admitted into evidence. You may have English or other language phone calls, WhatsApp or voice messages, YouTube, body cam videos, 911 calls, etc...  


Certified translation of documentary evidence and other exhibits. Our clients file our translations with State and Federal courts, USCIS and with foreign consulates. 

Jose Vega Award


A state and federal court certified interpreter and F.I.U. graduate, Jose Vega has been active in the interpreting and translation industry since 2005.

Of Cuban and Argentinian ancestry, he has lived in Argentina and Brazil and traveled extensively, for work and leisure, reinforcing his linguistic and cultural expertise. Work assignments have taken him all over the United States, the U.S. Virgin Islands, Colombia and Mexico.

In addition, Jose is a proud member of the American Translators Association, the National Association of Judiciary Interpreters and Translators and the Association of Interpreters and Translators of Florida.


We are proud members of:

The American Translators Association.

The National Association of Judiciary Interpreters and Translators

The Association of Interpreters and Translators of Florida